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My Essential Oil Story

I have never considered myself a “crunchy” or "natural" sort of person.  In fact, as a Registered Nurse for the past 20+ years, fully immersed into the medical model of thinking, I was quite scornful of anyone who would even consider alternative therapies.  It's funny where life takes us, isn't it?  I'm embarrassed to admit that I never bothered to educate myself with regards to alternatives or a more natural approach to health and wellness. That all changed when I had my children.

There is something about a beautiful new baby, a blank slate that made me question the multitude of medical interventions I was so used to promoting! This questioning extended to my own health as I struggled with my own wellness and vitality.

I began to research alternative ways to support our bodies. I had access to plenty of resources through my work as an RN. Time after time, my searching led to essential oils. But what are essential oils? I didn’t know one thing about them. Despite this, I decided to try them, so I ordered some oils off Ebay (the label said it was 100% pure essential oil, so it must be pure, right?!) The oils I received were foul. Not knowing what to expect, I still used them, as directed, with absolutely no results. I concluded I was an idiot and had been duped.

Several months later, a friend of mine asked me to attend a class that she was hosting on Young Living Essential Oils. After some convincing, I went as a supportive friend. Believe me, I wasn’t interested in her oils - I already knew that they didn't work!  Surprisingly, though, I did leave that class full of information, intrigue and a few little sample bottles. The one thing that stuck in my brain was this: the only way to get therapeutic results is to use therapeutic grade essential oils. It made perfect sense! As a natural product, essential oils are unregulated and therefore come in a wide range of qualities. If you don’t know the company you are buying from, you will have no idea what grade you are getting!  It explained my big flop with my Ebay oils!

I used the samples I had received and each time I used an oil, I was amazed at the results. Immediate, powerful and without side effects! I kept thinking – Why have I not known about these oils?!  Why doesn’t the whole world know about these oils?!

This time, following my own research, I enrolled with Young Living. I love everything about this company! I love their mission and vision, I love their products and I love their unwavering commitment to quality.

Now here’s the really great part: I no longer feel duped! Essential oils are for real! They have changed my life and my family’s lives. I finally feel like I have control of our health. We are healthier and more vibrant than we have ever been because we are supporting our bodies to do exactly what were meant to do!  It's a really great feeling knowing that I am doing the best for my children!

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